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  • How much does a Tattoo cost?
    I cannot estimate the price for a tattoo if I cannot yet estimate how much effort it will take to do it. Large tattoos, such as sleeves, or tattoos that require more sessions will definitely need a face-to-face consultation first. Small tattoos can get an estimate price quote as soon as the following information is known: - size - placement - black work or colour - preferable a reference picture of some similar tattoo or idea. If you only have a certain budget, we can see in advance wether the motif is feasible for this price. For that you will need to come by first.
  • Does it hurt? How much does it hurt?
    YES! A tattoo will hurt. However, the pain level depends mainly on the individual's sensitiveness, if the person is rested or not and the part of the body to be tattooed. There are places such as the upper arms that are less painful and others like the rib cage that are more sensitive.
  • Can I use a numbing cream?
    Yes, you can use a numbing cream if you are very sensitive and won't stand a big tattoo session. There are a big variety of numbing creams on the internet, but you will need to get it yourself. Please also note that you need to apply normally about 2 hours before the appointment, so you need to do it at home. If you do so, I ask you to let me know that you did and which cream you used. These creams have an influence on the tattooing process and I need to work accordingly.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    To book your appointment please use the online booking form here at the website or the same online form at It is not possible to book an appointment via phone or SMS/Whatsapp. The last ones are used to talk to the client after they have booked the appointment in order to discuss details and be able to prepare the tattoo.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit? How much and why?
    Once you book the appointment, I will start preparing your tattoo, I will save the date on my calendar, which means I won't take any other appointment on that date and time, and will be waiting for you with everything ready to start. The deposit is to assure that all this won't be in vain. If you are serious in getting tattooed, you won't find a problem in paying a part of your tattoo (yes the deposit will be deducted from the total price) upfront, right? If you cannot come to the appointment because of any reasons, you have 48 Hours to let me know. Doing this you avoid to lose the deposit and it will be used to book a new appointment for you.
  • How old do I need to be to get tattooed?
    I won't tattoo you if you're under 17. WITH. NO. EXCEPTIONS. If you are 18 and over, all that you need is to book your appointment and pay the deposit. If you're 17 or will turn 18 next week, then you will need to come by with a parent in order to get tattooed. A written statement or copy of the parent ID won't be enough. I won't tattoo any hand, neck or face if you are not full covered in tattoos and at least old enough to not regret it after.
  • Do you use vegan tattoo colours?
    The colours that I use are all animal friendly, tested and approved in the EU and also comply with the standards of the Tattoo Agents Ordinance in force in Germany since 2008.
  • Can I drink alcohol or take drugs before or during my tattoo appointment?
    NO. Definitely not. I won't tattoo you and you will lose your deposit if you show up high, drunk or even tipsy. Alcohol or drugs have an effect on the blood pressure and are harmful for the tattooing process. Leave the fun for after your tattoo session.
  • Can you tattoo over scars?
    You can get tattooed over almost any scar, if it is already old enough, no longer shows redness and its completely healed. In some cases of severe burns, this needs to be decided according to the particular case. In extreme cases, tattooing is no longer possible due to the scar tissue that wouldn't hold the pigments or only limitedly. tattoos

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